brands inspiring business; experiences inspiring people.

Differect is a brand and experience consultancy with a integrated and multidisciplinary vision to inspire people and drive business opportunities.
We believe that brands are the most versatile investment that a business can make:
gives clarity to the different objectives of the organization;
gives meaning to business decisions;
creates an impact for differentiation;
promotes experiences tha
t people will remember.
In the end, they are the different and authentic brands that people want and choose to be part of their lives.

Why are authentic brands for everyone and, especially, small businesses?

Having a brand is not just about resources; it's mainly about desiring to build a brand. A consistent and differentiated brand platform is not exclusive to big companies; but it is essential for great business - of any given size.
These leaders understand that the brand is not just a digital file with a logo or an idea in a slide show; a brand is the guide for how, where, with whom and why to move forward. Understanding this, it is possible to adapt the process according to desires, needs and viability of resources.
And precisely because the brand directs decisions at all levels and aligns people around shared goals, the small business benefits the most. Why? Because there is no room for error.
It is only possible playing against the big ones being as unique and as authentic as you can. And the brand, in its broadest sense, is what can differentiate, create impact and draw attention in a saturated market; in the end, it is also the compass to follow as a business evolves along the way.

This is how.

A deep immersion in the business is the only way we understand it's possible to capture all the nuances of the brand and vision that leaders have of their business. But we don't want to waste time or the chance to build together: we seek to mix methodologies of design thinking and service design suited to the client's size and needs, with agile and collaborative approaches.

Begin with "why".

The brand strategy of an organization, a product or a service, is the starting point to build a consistent and authentic brand, which will be shared in the most different channels and touchpoints.
Understanding the "why" is essential to successfully transform the brand strategy - purpose, values ​​and personality of the brand - into the elements that people will see, feel, touch and interact with: name, identity, environments, experiences and other touchpoints.

brand design:
strategy + identity

Everything that makes your brand unique and authentic:
• naming
• brand platform and positioning
• brand architecture
• tone of voice
• brand identity
• brand book and guidelines

experience design:
journey + touchpoints

What people will see, touch, feel and interact with:
• journey mapping and touchpoints
• environmental design 
• retail design
• communication
• packaging
• visual merchandising
• special actions

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